Interview with Trey Lewis, our scoring machine from Cleveland, Ohio

From pianos and basketball players all the way to the swagman

Great last Game. How do you feel in a game like that?

Oh it feels amazing! But without the win, all this is worth nothing, so it is nice everything worked out.

The fans just voted you to be the hero of the game. Are you guys aware that we have a hero of the game every time we win and do things like that mean anything to you?

I wasn't aware of that. That definitely means something! The Fans putting there Input in and voting me as the Hero of the Game..that means a lot to me! Thank you everybody!

It didn´t seem to take you any time to sattle down here. 30 points in the first game now 31. How has the transition from the USA to Germany, and Bayreuth in particular been?

I mean, it is my first time, the first experience I make on my own, so I was kind of nervous but it all went very easy. The people here are all just friendly and helpful. I have great teammates and a great coaching staff to guide me the way, So overall I am pretty happy here.

You are loved by the fans for beeing so emotional, screaming after wins, waving to the audience to be louder...It is like you are FROM Bayreuth. The identification with a forgein club seems so be difficult for many players but not for you? How come?

First of all: the reason I play the game of basketball the way I play is because I am very passionat about it. I really love the game! And I also know that nothing is promised, you can get hurt, anything can happen. It could just be taken away from you. So I don´t take anything for granted and I go out there and play every game like it is my last game. It is an easy adjustment with that fanbase. The fanbase here is great, they are supportive and very loud every game. I feed of their energy, so it is a good balance.

Do you have any favorite places to hang out?

I like to go to sinnopoli to eat, I eat there almost every morning for breakfast. At nights, I like to hang out with the guys at blue bowl and we bowl a bit, shoot some darts, snook a bit or play ping pong. We all are just having a great time.

Many Germans have problems with the long winter, how is it for you? Still better than at home?

It is better here! It is not as much snow. The winters that I am used to, in Cleveland , Ohio, have a lot of snow. The weather feels the same, the cold air and all, I am used to that. But I have teammates like Kyan, he is from Texas, so he doesn´t get much snow at all. He thinks everything is cold! (chuckles)

10 more games to go. Games against the 3 big B´s Bamberg, Bayern and Berlin are still ahead of us. How do you feel for the rest of the season?

I feel great for the rest of the season. But my whole philosophy is to take one game at a time. Right now I am focused on our next opponent. I feel really confident that we will secure a Playoff spot and make a run in the playoffs.

How did your love for basketball start?

It started at a very young age, eversince I can remember I wanted to play. I was always holding the basketball, there are even baby pictures of me with a basketball. So I can´t really tell when it all started, I mean my dad played basketball but...a fix moment..I can´t recall!

Did you have any big idols?

I grew up watching Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. They have been my favorit players growing up. Now I would say Stephen Curry. That are my basketball idols! My favorit athlet of all time is probably Muhammad Ali! For what he did outside the boxing ring as well as for what he did inside. He was incredible! And he is from Louisville! (laughs)

Do you mind what number you got on your jersey?

You know, growing up I always had the 3, just because my name is Trey, I am the third born in my family, there are a lot of reasosn why I have always been wearing the number 3! It is also the reason I picked the 12, 1 and 2 you know. (chuckles) The problem is, now I really like the 12, I am wearing it for the first time but I like it. And I love the green jerseys, I found like 6 shoes that go perfectly with it. And the christmas jerseys, we only got to wear them a few times but I really liked those. I had a candle as the i. That was pretty cool.

Do you have any pre game rituals?

I pray and listen to music, joke around. I try to have fun and get in a good mood.

What has been your funniest moment in sports?

Every day with this group of guys it seems that something funny happens. It is hard to pick one out. You know, Gonzo, I mean David, we call him Gonzo our newest team member, he likes to train in sweats and a long shirt. So one time after practice, he realized he has forgotten his second pair, and he didn´t want to put the sweaty ones back on, so he walked home in his underwear. But as good teammates we of course took a lot of pictures of it.

What do you do if you are not at training or playing a basketball game?

Well, I spend most of my time training or playing...other than that I spend time with my teammates, I am home reading or talking to my family and people back home. I have contact to them daily, thanks to facetime. (laughs) I watch a lot of movies and TV-Shows!

Do you have any hidden talents? Unicycling, singing opera or some other thing?

I play the piano, that is something I like to do in my off time. Once, Nate and I played the piano together. Maybe we could do something together with Gonzo. He and me are doing some rapbattles every now and then. In the looker room or on the bus if we are heading for games.

Before you arrived here, did you have any expectations about Germany? Everyone beeing very stiff and no one has humor? How has your experience been?

Some people that have played in germany have told me a lot that it is similar to what it is in America. When I came over here people told me "ahh Germans are a bit strict and stuff". But I have seen the opposit! You have a lot of people that are caring and loving like everywhere else in the world.

Did you pick up some German?

Yeah, but I should not say things like that in public. (laughs)

If you would get powers, what would they be and what would your hero name be?

I would be swag man. I would have the most swag. Everywhere I go they would whisper "oh, there comes swagman". (laughs like forever)

Did you have a favorit subject in school? Best and worst?

I liked math and sience. Growing up I really have been into it, I was always good with numbers. And the sience part was always a faszination about the stars. But social studies...especially when I was young I did not really care about history and stuff. Now I start to have interest in this things.

How big is your family?

My mom, my dad and my two sisters. Both have two kids and I have a lot of cousins. It's a big family and they all are still in Cleveland.

How has growing up as the little one worked out for you?

It has been bittersweet. I always wished I had a brother around my age to play with. My sisters always have been playing with Barbie dolls and dollhouses and so. I had a lot of toys that was cool and I played a lot of pranks on my sisters, I was a bad brother. (laughs) They tried to get me back but I was to smart. (laughs)

What is your goal with basketball?

Playing in the NBA! I have always dreamed of it since I was a little boy. So I go to the gym every day and put my work in. I know my goal! It would be great to play for my Hometown but honestly I will be happy with wherever god takes me.

And in life?

Wow. I am only 24. I dont really know yet. I wanna help people and be in a position from where I can do that. I don´t know how this will work out yet but I am sure I will figure it out.